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Whatever It Takes
Bruce Buckland

About the Club

Started in the late 1950s, Malindi Sea Fishing Club is one of the oldest clubs on the East coast of Africa. We are located at the centre of the Kenyan coast line with some of the best and most productive big game fishing grounds Kenya has to offer. 

To read more about the clubs history, click below.

With pocket friendly bar prices and menu, the club is a popular place for all to gather and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere the club offers. We host monthly darts competitions, hold BBQs and family get togethers and the club was the most recent venue for the 'Malindi Masaala' cooking contest, which was featured on Kenyan TV and in the local newspapers. It is also available to hire for private events, please contact us if you need more information.

Fishing Destinations

Information about the different destinations along the coast, their waters and places to stay. 

Fishing Species and Seasons

Information on the variety of species that can be found along the coast of Kenya and the seasons at which each species are at their peak. 

Fishing News

Your go to page for the most recent fishing news along the Kenyan Coast, courtesy of Captain Andy's.

Tournament Dates

Churchill Trophy 20th October 2023.

Malindi Int'l Festival 21st  22nd October 2023



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