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Club History

Humble Beginnings...

In March of 1959 a small committee was formed to consider the proposal for a Fishing Club in Malindi; the Chairman was Captain Archie Ritchie, Vice Chairman was Major General C.C Fowkes. The club's purpose was "the betterment and advancement of sea sports in the Malindi area with special reference to salt water fishing". 

The Malindi Sea Fishing Club officially opened in May of that year, with a membership of 62. It operated out of Lawford’s Hotel; one of the largest hotels on the coast at the time. Within 16 months the number of members had grown to over 200; including His Grace the Duke of Manchester who was elected as the Club’s Captain - a position he retained for a number of years. He was an active participant in both social events and fishing competitions.

The original Clubhouse
MSFC News Cuttings 22001.jpg
Duke of Manchester.JPG
Duke of Manchester - Club Captain 60-62 & 66-78
Major General C.C Fowkes - Club Chairman 59-64

First Competition...

November 1960 saw the first Malindi Fishing Festival, whilst the then called ‘Kenya International Billfish Contest’ was held in February of the following year. This was the first international competition held in East Africa that attracted competitors from 7 countries – the word of abundant billfish off the coast of Malindi having spread like wildfire. To this day, both the (renamed) Malindi International Festival and the International Billfish Tournament are held annually and still attract fishermen from across the globe.

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The 1967-2010 Clubhouse

In 1965, due to a growing membership and limited space at Lawford’s, the MSFC purchased an elevated plot of land overlooking the waterfront where a new clubhouse was built, which became operational in 1967.

View from the old CLubhouse
Malindi Old Clubhouse
Malindi Old Clubhouse


In 2010, the Clubhouse moved closer to the waterfront, in front of the previous Clubhouse on riparian land that also falls under the Club’s title and from where all activities are now coordinated and run by an elected committee, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Captain and Trustees. 

With pocket friendly bar prices and snacks, the Club is a popular place both for fisherman, their families and visitors. 

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